Arcofil, being a specialized company in industrial and commercial refrigeration, has at his disposal a technical department with specialized personal that is always available to answer his clients doubts and needs.

We do new installations projects and studies as well as extensions and remodelling of existing ones. In our studies and dimensioning we have always in mind the energetic costs, because these represent a good fraction of any company expenses.

We work with Pumped or Gravity refrigeration systems, Dry systems and Glycoled Water as the Secondary Circuit. We also work in Industrial Acclimatization.
For example, the projects and installations that we do include the following:

- Refrigerated Warehouses
- Slaughter houses
- Fruits and Horticultural warehouses
- Dry, cure and ripen ham and sausages Rooms
- Milk-food Industry
- Bread-making and Cake Industry
- Drinks Industry
- Explosives Industry
- Ice Factories
- Ice Chillers Thermal Storage Units
- Shock Freezers
- Blast Chillers
- Cold Rooms, negative and positive temperature
- Acclimatized working rooms
- Logistic Warehouses
- Electrical boards for refrigeration
- Among others...